Thursday, 9 October 2014

To Forgive Is Divine by Eric Gichira: Book Promo

  About the Book 
Everything’s fine at The Staples’ family until Tanya, their 19 year old daughter, shows up home from college. But there’s a problem. She’s pregnant and somewhat confused. The family’s thrown into disarray as it seeks answers from Tanya, and solutions to the new situation. 

Tanya’s dad is a God fearing man, a great dad and a man called to be a Sheriff. However, he finds himself facing the demons of anger and revenge and struggling with a murderous appetite from a dark world.With the ever present forces of destruction haunting him, he painfully tries hard not to kill Bishop Tucker – the man responsible for his daughter’s pregnancy.
This is a story about: Family pride fighting betrayal; Good fighting evil; Light fighting darkness. And what’s at stake? The faith, two families, a church, a town and the reputation and continuity of all the Community projects initiated by the church.
‘To Forgive Is Divine,’ is a story you must read. A story that you’ll enjoy. And a story that you’ll always remember. This is one of those stories you’ll spin in your mind over and over again, and in your own style and fashion, hopefully bring it to a safe conclusion. Happy reading! 
About the Author
My name is Eric Gichira, freelance journalist, songwriter, writer and theater researcher. Recently trying a hand in self publishing and hoping to make a big impact. My area of interest for now: Poetry; Short Stories and Teen Fiction. Learning the ropes and finding the adventure pleasurable. Check out: Gichira for all my titles. Buy some, post a review on the product page (to help me reach more readers) and lets see what happens!!
Title: To Forgive Is Divine: And two more stories
Author: Eric Gichira 
Pages: 26 (Estimated)
Size: 560 KB

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  1. This story definitely sounds like it is packed with drama and full of different stories to enjoy! I couldn't imagine a book balancing all those concepts perfectly, but if you say it can I guess it does. I am looking forward to trying it!

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