Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mind Vault by Eric Gichira: Book Promo

About the Book 

Prosperity and financial freedom rarely happens by luck. It takes a process which involves lots of preparation. Of course, luck too plays a part, but the truth is, you can’t live all your life waiting on luck to knock at your door!

There are things you have to do, and lessons you’ve got to learn. The purpose of this book is to get you prepared for your success. Principles laid out in this book will work for you irrespective of where you are in life. Of course not every advice in this book will work for you. So, take what makes sense to you and run with it.

As an author, I tell it truthfully and unapologetically. I share with you biblical insights and nuggets of divine prosperity that will definitely work for you. For better understanding, I’ve divided this book into fifteen short chapters that are simple, relatable and easy to remember.

Mind Vault oozes with valuable wisdom and great transparency. Its relevance is undeniable, while its impact is guaranteed. The result is a Power Book that’s both compelling and life changing.

This book opens your eyes to God-given opportunities around you and guides you on what to do in order to maximize on them.

Mind Vault is a treasure for all – for Christians and those who are not Christians. The first in a series of Three Books – Mind Vault – will get you there: If you get hold of the lessons and work them out with God. Helpful Scripture References are included at the back of the book for your study and spiritual guidance.

God’s promises are true and every believer ought to enjoy them. Here’s timeless wisdom that you’ll find refreshing and progressive in life. Biblical approach to abundant living still works – just as sure as living beyond your means will surely lead you to debt!

Sharpen your expectations and get ready to launch into the journey of sweet success.

About the Author

My name is Eric Gichira, freelance journalist, songwriter, writer and theater researcher. Recently trying a hand in self publishing and hoping to make a big impact. My area of interest for now: Poetry; Short Stories and Teen Fiction. Learning the ropes and finding the adventure pleasurable. Check out: Gichira for all my titles. Buy some, post a review on the product page (to help me reach more readers) and lets see what happens!!

Title: Mind Vault: Volume I
Author: Eric Gichira
Pages: 32 (Estimated)
Size: 382 KB

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