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Please note that at present I am not accepting books for review. Do check in again in a couple of months. 

If you are a publisher, an author or a reader and wish to get your book or a book of your choice to be reviewed here, please post a comment below. 




Children's books, General fiction, Historical fiction, Love, Romance, Science fiction, Science/Medicine, Self-help, Philosophy, Psychology and spirituality.



Books in English from any country



I like books because they are books. It's hard to connect with a computer as I do with books. Yes, I prefer paperback copies to be sent to my mailing address (I live in India).

With a toddler around, I do not get to read ebooks/kindle books/PDF copies at the moment. Please save me from the difficulty of writing a 'No' email.



A review copy of the book.

Time frame


It doesn't feel good to be confined to a time frame. It spoils the joy of reading. But it's definitely going to be reasonable.



Once I receive your book, the book cover will be added to the Currently Reading slide show on the right menu of the blog.

At the end of the review, the following blurbs are included:

About the Book
About the Author
Connect with the Author
(Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook Author and Book pages, Pinterest)
Online buying links like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

I request authors and publishers to send these details and any other link that they wish to include in the review.

Reviews are also posted at Goodreads.

Review links originating from this blog are shared through Twitter and Facebook pages of the blog. The links are also posted at books & blogging platforms like Bookblogs, Indiblogger & Write Up Cafe.

I have a special interest to promote

self-published books and books of debutant authors

as a means to appreciate their courage and efforts.


  1. Hi Nandhini, I have written a Tamil book and it is getting released on apr 01. Would you be able to review it as it is in Tamil?

    Book details are available @

    Please let me know if you need any additional information.

  2. Dear Ms Nandhini, I note that you prefer books in English language. Here is a small Tamil book, self-published by me, which you may be interested in reading during your break; without having to review it. The name of the book is 'கட்டவிழ்ந்த தமிழ் மொழி Tamil Language Unshackled'. The foreword for this book was written by Mr S. பாலசுப்பிரமணியன், முன்னாள் தலைமை பதிப்பாசிரியர், ஆனந்த விகடன். The publication got delayed, and could not be brought out before his most untimely and sad demise. If you like to read it, please let me know the mailing address for sending a copy of the book to you. Thank you. Dr Robert B Grubh
    Title: கட்டவிழ்ந்த தமிழ் மொழி Tamil Language Unshackled'
    Author: Robert B Grubh
    Publisher: Self-published
    Chapters: 6
    Pages 169
    Price Rs.200
    Author Connect
    Telephone. Land: 04652 232430 and mobile: 9843934399 Tamil Nadu