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Blame it on Destiny by Soorina Desai

 One of the interesting fictions I've read in years!

From the book blurb, one can guess that the book is about five strangers who never happen to meet one other all their lives but unintentionally influence each other's lives in a mysterious way. 

However, only when the reader turns over the last page can he/she get the central theme of the book. How our prejudices about people and situations can prove far too different from the reality or truth in it! Based on a few facts or incidents, we tend to judge the personality of those known and unknown and we, as well, assume how their lives would get directed, in our own imaginative way. If ever, we get to see the truth that gets veiled off behind our assumptions, we would be utterly surprised. 

That's what happens to Sharmila in Blame it on Destiny!

Sharmila, the rich daughter from an affluent family based in Mumbai, aspires to become an author. While she is long-uncertain of the subject of her novel, an interesting discussion with her friend one day helps her decide on the plot of her prospective book. She chooses five main characters for the fiction, all of which are based on real-life characters whom she has heard about but never met before. Based on what she has vaguely heard about each of them, she predicts how their lives would turn out to be in the future which will form the main part of the story.

There, the plot begins!

It should be noted that Sharmila is one of the five characters. Hence, by the time we get to this point in the book, we have already seen the present life situations of Sharmila which forms section I.

Sections II to V take us to the real life situations of the four other characters about whom Sharmila presumes, to begin with.

Leela is an affectionate but sad counselor who is constantly disturbed by her past love and her rude husband. By the time, her husband comes to an understanding with her, something terrible happens in their lives. She is my most favourite character of all.

Nandita is yet another affectionate but unattractive lady who is a medium for spirits. Her life changes direction strangely after what happens to Leela's life and the reader wouldn't expect the twist that comes in her story. Yet another lovable character in the book.

Shahan's story is a mixture of hardships, hardwork, dreams, aspirations, love, hatred, betrayal, family and relationships which is distantly connected to Leela's, Nandita's and Madhu's.

Madhu is an interesting character of a sculptress who is in search of God. How she unknowingly expresses God in her art forms at the end is a nice read. And her connection to Sharmila in more than one way will come as a surprise to readers.

The last section is again about Sharmila wherein she gets to learn the reality of the other four characters whom the readers came along with so far. The climax of the plot is what she finally makes of all of it.

Connections! It's amusing to realize how inter-connected our lives are with unknown people and unknown factors. I certainly cannot assume how my life situations are influenced by others or how I am influencing another person's life as I write this review now. There are so many hidden forces beyond our imaginations that keep shaping our futures. Deeply intrinsic, this book can take you into in-depth contemplation.

Blame it on Destiny is a well-written, interestingly narrated, thought-provoking, insightful fiction that will hook you up until the last page. It gives a good peep into the high class society of Mumbai city. The wit and sarcasm in the narration cannot go without notice. Readers will meet at least 100+ characters. Having said that it's a warning to keep ample time reserved up until the book can be finished reading. If given a gap, one might get lost in the myriads of characters.

If you enjoy suspense, twists and reading anxiety in books, you shouldn't miss this one!

Needless to mention, Soorina Desai is a fantastic author, especially in expressing realism and emotions as real as they are!


Reviewed for the Publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. 

Title: Blame it on Destiny
Author: Soorina Desai
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

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