Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Releasing Soon: For a Brighter Bipolar Life by Guinnevere Clarke

About the Book

I wrote this book ´For a Brighter Bipolar Life´ for what I wished I knew from the very beginning of being diagnosed with type 1 bipolar disorder. When I first found out that I had bipolar, I tried to find out as much as I could about this type of mental illness since I knew nothing at all about it.

I wrote this book in the in the way I wanted to know in the beginning of this type journey. A lot of things that I wanted to know, I couldn’t find out anywhere. I just couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. This book is what I was looking for before. This book is everything that I wanted to know. This is my blueprint now that I didn’t have before. I learned everything I know now from lessons learned along my way with this mental illness.

Throughout these chapters is what I have done and thought to get myself back on track and back together. To make a life that I actually want to be in. This book isn’t only about facing bipolar but it is also about getting your life to be the best shape that it can be in. Despite having a bipolar. Undiagnosed bipolar without the right medication can destroy life’s. Well the book gives you the right steps on how to rebuild your life after your diagnoses. This book doesn´t teach you how to have your old life back but to make a new life. The on that you have always dreamed to have. All of my writing in this book ´For a Brighter Bipolar Life´ is my opinion that is based on my recovery and everything that I have learned along the way of getting stable and creating the life that I´m very happy to be in now!

Title: For a Brighter Bipolar Life
Author: Guinnevere Clarke
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  1. This seems like a book which deals with being bipolar well. I had never heard of it until now, which makes this sound very interesting. Great review, and thank you for sharing!

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  2. Hi Olivia, that's the nice part. It's going to be helpful to many around the world. Thanks for your time here.