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The Carbon Conundrum by Adit Ambani: Book Review

The Plot in Short

Alvin, the twenty-one year old director of the British Museum is worried as the security of the Royal Incan Diamond is at stake after the recent robbery attempt at the museum. The museum was built by his ancestor over two hundred years ago and after his father's death, he inherited the Incan Diamond.

The  plot begins with Alvin's uncle trying to protect the Diamond from the thieves. He hides the Diamond at a safe spot and sends a conundrum to Alvin, decoding which would unveil the Diamond's place. He gets killed soon after. The rest of the book is about Alvin's thrilling experiences while solving his uncle's puzzle during which he also discovers important ancestral secrets connected with the Diamond. 

Filled with Suspense!

There was no dull moment in the plot. The book picks up speed right from page one taking the reader onto an exciting journey. The interest in the plot is certainly sustained till the last page as Alvin keeps trying to decode the five-liner conundrum of his uncle. The best scene was at the part where the wax doll at the museum comes alive. You would hold your breathe until that chapter ends. 

However, from one point of view, it was an amazing fantasy for having given life to the wax dolls, though at a later stage it seemed out-of-sync especially when compared against Alvin's realistic struggles in the first half. 

Having solved the mystery that his uncle left behind, Alvin is yet to unravel other secret legacies of the Diamond which will be continued in the next release of the trilogy series.


The descriptions are exceptional that one can vividly picture every scene of the plot. The language is simple and commendable especially for the author's age. The intricacy of Alvin's adventures at the architect's place, Warwickshire power company and the military headquarters were admirable. One can imagine the quality of efforts and fascinating thought process behind such an acumen.

Applause to the Author

If I didn't knew earlier, I wouldn't have guessed anywhere in the book that it was written by a thirteen-year old. It's just not the plot but also the descriptions of far-off places in Africa and South America that seemed to have well-researched upon. 

Who would like the Book?

Thriller, suspense, fantasy, adventure - lovers will find the book interesting. If you are used to highly-intellectual thrillers, this book might be too simple for you. 

A Note to the author and Publisher
  • In page 97, the 5th line of first paragraph should have 'Jett' instead of 'Alvin'.
  • In page 135, one of the lines in the conundrum, added new, creates confusion. Ideally it needs to be printed in page 26 as well.

Reviewed for Leadstart Publishing

Title: The Carbon Conundrum
Author:  Adit Ambani
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Pages: 214

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Book Blurb

From the narrow streets of London to the unexplored tropical rain forests of Africa, to the misty hills of South America, Alvin and Jett get sucked into a fantastic hunt for the worlds largest vivid yellow diamond. Along the way they unearth the ancient secrets of its mystical past and discover its links to a hidden treasure and unimaginable wealth that had once sealed the fate of a mighty kingdom.

Legends come to life from within the burning heart of the diamond as Alvin and Jett face hostile situations and search remote corners of the world while competing against some of the most powerful men from the pages of history.

About the Author

Adit Ambani is 14 years old and he finished writing this book when he was 13. This is the first book of a trilogy. Adit was born in the USA and lives in Mumbai. He is a Class 9 student of Campion School.

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