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The Archers Revenge by Destination Infinity: Book Review

Vibrant Story Line

The Archers Revenge is a a dramatic story line which is quite close to that of a few inspirational Indian films. The protagonist, Aryan, has a strong motive to take revenge on one of the leading political leaders of the country. As he prepares ardently for the D-day, he is taken aback to discover a new ally, Divya, who has been training for the same mission as his. The rest of the plot is their inter-mutual efforts to charge their common target at every possible event. The end of the story, however, unlike Indian films, has taken an interesting twist that would leave the readers light and easy. 


The narration is kept precise which is rather unusual, especially for this genre of a crime fiction that usually involves vivid descriptions. It seemed like the nutshell scenes from the lengthy version of the story were extracted to frame this book.
However, the concision did not bring down the focus of reading at any instant in the book. Of course, a quick read. An avid reader will need just a few hours. 

Definitely not an Emotional Pit Stop!

The lead characters deal with their mission and just only their mission. There is no room for deep emotions or a love story in the plot. Towards the end of the book, there is a subtle mention of a liking but again, the focus of the story does not drift in any way anywhere. If you were longing for a tale without cinematic love stories in it, this is the perfect book for you. But if you cannot do without romance, you will be disappointed.

May be a little more gripping?

Perhaps, that's what was missing! The reader would indeed be kept on a guessing mode throughout, of the next event of the plot though it is certainly not one of the page-turners. Undoubtedly, the story line is vibrant, but I doubt if the narration is. 


The Archers Revenge is a fine wrap for a debutant author. As a reader, I definitely look forward to another engaging plot from the author in the near future.  

I am curious to hear from the author if there was a specific reason to have omitted the apostrophe at the end of 'archers' in the title?

Reviewed for the author

Title: The Archers Revenge
Author:  Destination Infinity (Rajesh Kollu)
Publisher: Self-published

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Book Blurb

Aryan's father is killed by a powerful Minister. No one, including the Police, is ready to help him get justice for the death of his father. Can the Minister be allowed to get away with a murder just because he is powerful? What can a mere unarmed individual do?

But Aryan is not totally unarmed - he has been training to get an Olympic medal in Archery. Can one man with bows and arrows bring a powerful Minister, protected by the Police, down to his knees? Can archery win against guns and might?

Set in contemporary India but written for International readers, this tale is bound to change your perspectives about a number of things in life: Underdogs are not always underdogs. Friends are not always friends. Destiny doesn't always favor a select few.

About the Author

Destination Infinity is the online identity of Rajesh Kollu, who is basically a 'Professional' Blogger living in Chennai, India. He has an opinion on everything and is an expert on nothing! He was forced to become an author because people kept pestering him with the lethal question, 'What do you do?'. When he answers, 'I am a professional blogger', people usually reply with sentences like, 'What is a professional blogger? I have never heard of this? Do you know anyone who is *also* a professional blogger? Will anyone in their senses become a professional blogger? You quit your *plum* sales career for this? Do you earn anything out of your work?', etc. Now, since (at least) one of his books has been (self) published, he can safely say, 'I am an author, I write book(s)'. With that one sentence, he aims to eliminate any further questions, especially the 'Do you earn anything out of your work?'. Because, it's quite normal to be an author and not be earning anything at all!! :D


  1. Thanks for the review. Yes, omitting the apostrophe in Archers was a deliberate decision because the no. of archers wanting to take revenge changes depending on which page you are reading. Many think it's a grammar error, but it's a plot related decision!

    Since this is my first book, I know the book may not be extraordinary or anywhere close to the longer novels you may have read. I've learned a lot about writing fiction over the last few months, and I hope my next book - a historical fiction set in Mongolia - will be better.

    I appreciate your policy of encouraging new authors, and the time and efforts you spend doing it. Honest book reviews like yours will encourage new authors like me to improve.

    Destination Infinity

    1. It's a delight to receive a comment from the author for the review here. Thanks!

      I get the point behind the missing apostrophe. Thoughtful indeed!

      Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres. Waiting to see your next book get published soon. Good wishes!

      I admire and appreciate the efforts that a debutant takes for the first book, especially when it's self-published like your's. I get to see many such good books that don't get its deserving reach to readers. As a reviewer, it feels like a responsibility to do the best for new authors.

      Thanks again for your time here. Please bookmark this blog page and keep visiting often.