Thursday, 18 September 2014

Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski: Book Review

Order of the Dimensions is a Science fiction plot happening at several cities in the Unites States. The main character, Jane Kremowski, is a research student at the Physics laboratory of Madison State University in Wisconsin. One of their new inventions, the black box, has the ability to transport people to other parallel lives – what the author refers to as Dimensions. The villain character misuses the ability of the black box to attain the highest power in the world. And the plot continues with constant trap – escape struggles with the villian, leading to the expected end.

The concept of time travel was too impressive. Especially, it’s not a kind of travel to another one time. The characters travel to several dimensions every now and then. And in each dimension, their lives are almost similar with a few differences in the life events.

For instance, Jane lives with her husband and two children in one dimension. Her parents die in a road accident in another. In yet another dimension,  her husband dies and she re-marries the villain where her second child is not even conceived. Amazingly, most of them are unaware of their parallel existences in the other dimensions except Jane. Interestingly, the black box can be programmed in such a way that the knowledge of their other lives can be erased from their memories. Believe me, there is absolutely no hi-tech terminologies or explanations to bother us. Anybody who can understand English can follow every detail with ease.

In fact, the plot would have been better as a movie than a book! The anxieties and the emotions that the characters experience are brought out beautifully well. You will almost feel yourself doing the time travel along with Jane. The feel of watching a Sci-fi thriller is definitely attached with every page.

While the beginning of the time travels got me hooked to the plot, the thrill couldn’t be sustained till towards the middle. The first few transports could be followed well with good interest. However, with increasing number of dimensions and the characters, I found it difficult to keep a track of who is what in which dimension. I had to go back pages every now and then. The font could have been a better one – just my opinion, though it did not mess up with the plot in any way. And a little editing is probably required, though again, it did not really interfere with anything of the plot.

Book: Order of the Dimensions Author: Irene Helenowski Publisher: Self-Published Pages: 287
Reviewed for the author
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