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Humanshastrra by Jatin Bharmani: Book Review

A good quick-read!
Humanshastrra is a kind-hearted book to re-kindle life’s forgotten good ways. The back cover was simple without a detailed text; significant topics addressed in the book were impressively highlighted, instead.

The book reminds us to watch our everyday thoughts and behaviours. Here’s a simple question the author keeps in front of the readers: 

When was the last time that you went out of your way, sacrificed your basic need and parted with it, for someone else, which may be greater than yours? (Page 17)

It will not be a surprise if 100 out 100 readers dig their memories hard to come out with no answer. Such is the fast-paced racing life we all are dwelling in! And that’s exactly the author intends to remind all of us – to go slow and take time to introspect over our own actions. While we happily buy at a shopping mall for the printed rate, why do we bargain with a domestic help server and a porter at a railway station? We do not have an answer to such acts, though we do it day in and day out. Books like Humanshastrra are beautiful reminders to bring such actions to a halt – opportunities that life offers to take us towards compassion, righteousness and justice.
The author explains the Laws of Karma, Detachment and Gratitude. Purpose, prayer, discipline, wisdom, relationships, success, giving and receiving – all find their meanings in the book, as well.

A few excerpts from the book:
  • Life is one big game and you should compete with yourself rather than with others. And in case you unknowingly compete with others you must thank God irrespective of what you have received. (Page 57)
  • Our purpose on earth is fulfilled when we are in a position to positively impact our families, society and especially the lives of people whom we did not know. (Page 63)
  • The energy and aura that perpetually surrounds us in protection is by itself a proof that we very much have someone with us. (Page 66)
All that is said in the book have been said and written from time immemorial by sages and philosophers of all times, in the same words. As a matter of fact, you cannot expect anything new to improve your life overnight. It is just another reminder about what people of ancient times left for us, which in fact is, necessary for all of us every now and then. 


Humanshastrra is quite a nice book for all wisdom seekers!

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Title: Humanshastrra
Author: Jatin Bharmani
Pages: 102 (A little bigger than a pocket-sized book)
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on July 3, 2014

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