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300 Days by Bragadeesh Prasanna

300 Days is a simple love story of Jai and Sravani. While Sravani is struggling within a confined relationship with Sai, Jai hopes to win Sravani's love. In contrary to the usual, complicated triangular love stories, 300 days sets off  with a smooth sail between the two main characters. Following cycles of love and separation, whether Jai finally wins her love is the rest of the story. 

The book stands out in realistically depicting the emotions beneath seven gradual stages of love as enumerated in Arabic literature, namely,
Hub - Attraction
Uns - Infatuation
Ishq - Love
Aqeedat - Reverence
Ibaadat - Worship
Junoon - Obsession
Maut - Death

(Though the course of the novel is subtitled according to the seven stages, one cannot find a brief explanation about the same in the book. However, the author, in his blog, shares his inspiration behind adapting the concept). 

300 Days is author Bragadeesh Prasanna's first book. As a debut author, he has proved his stand as a writer and as an earnest narrator. 

Jai and Sravani meet during a trek. Without much magical drama, their story begins in the backdrop of the Orkut era. As a subtle emotional bond connects them through text messages and late night calls, Sravani's difficult relationship with Sai gradually unfolds in the novel, leaving a temporary crisis in Jai's and Sravani's lives. A few of Jai's long-time acquaintances and their love lives fill the space before the revival of the main love story. The end is certainly an unexpected one, though the character of Jai shall leave a respectful mark in the readers' minds. 

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300 Days is not a tale of a teen love. Said that the maturity and seriousness of relationships are well-carried from page one. Little gestures that speak of how a relationship between a boy and girl develops and how their dependency gradually becomes an obsession are expressed beautifully. As the relationship reaches a much serious stage, the dilemmas, frustrations and void that matters of love carry are brought-out well too. Readers who are going through or have experienced similar emotions might find delving into Jai's psyche interesting. Most notably, this book can give insights into when love can be chased and when the chase needs to be withdrawn. 

However, what the book lacks seriously is a well-defined plot. At one point in the reading, the book loses the significance of the story-line, making it more like a personal journal of the protagonist rather than a novel. Though the narration started off well, the detailed chat messages and voice calls having extended for long stretches make a few chapters a mundane reading. The only grip factor that sustains reading is the curiosity of the climax while most of the in-between parts failed to elicit reading anticipation. 

Almost most part of the narration is in the form of dialogues and author Bragadeesh's ease of dialogue writing is admirable. The effortless and charming writing style makes the flow unstoppable. Beyond all other remarks, the narration deserves an honour for the warmth and honesty in it!

A few excerpts from the book:

"Hello" I said with a trembling voice......I had lived in the vain hope of this moment since almost a year.....I didn't jump in joy or run around my office building screaming my lungs out. I just laughed. I laughed like I had just seen the world for first time. 
"All of us have some unanswered questions, right? When something happens to us with no explanation we keep wondering for the rest of our lives. we dream of an apology or an explanation from the person who did it to us."
For a debut work, 300 Days is notable!

Title: 300 Days
Author: Bragadeesh Prasanna
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 402

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About the Book

300 Days follows the life of protagonist Jai and his relationship with Sravani, who is from a different culture. He gets to spend only 300 days with her while crossing all the seven stages of love. Can love transcend cultures, age barriers, distance and language? Will Jai be able to cross all the barriers while in a long distance relationship with Sravani?


  1. Need to read this book sometime. I am yet to read GB and Kavipriya's books from our CBC! I admire that you do a commendable job in reading quickly, while I take a long time to read (actually listen).

    Destination Infinity

  2. Usually, I read it fast if I have to write a review. Others, I read at my own pace. There are quite a lot of books I've completed in the last two months but didn't do a review since I don't feel obligated to. I think this book is free to download now.