Monday, 12 January 2015

Finding Ecstasy by Rebecca Pillsbury: Book Review

Author Rebecca Pillsbury, Prize Winner of "The Christine Kloser's Transformational Author Writing Contest", pens down the most intimate moments of her life in her debut book and a transformational memoir, Finding Ecstasy.

A Candid Memoir!

Conditioned by her family upbringing, religious beliefs and childhood ideologies, Rebecca grows up to an introvert girl carrying unidentifiable shame, guilt and fear about her womanhood and sexuality. Consequently, she faces trouble being in relationship with a partner, both emotionally and physically. The repressed state of her emotions also shows up in her body as disturbed menstruation patterns and poly cystic ovaries. In Finding Ecstasy, author Rebecca discloses her inner-most secrets of how she felt confined within the spaces of her body and mind and how a visit to Buenos Aires and meeting a Brazilian, life-changing books, travels, retreats, opening up with a group of women, blues dancing, yoga and a five-year relationship with her boy friend bring about a transformation not just about her body and sexuality but rather a holistic upliftment, which is truly spiritual in nature.

What Finding Ecstasy is?

From a broader perspective, Finding Ecstasy is not a tale of just one woman. Perhaps, every woman, at some point in time goes through the emotional confinements that the author does in her memoir. By the example of her own life, author Rebecca helps women to identify their emotional and sexual needs and connect with their inner beings with greater depths. It also offers men, a walk through the conflicting inner world of a woman which otherwise remains ever-elusive to their eyes.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Release & Book Launch: Your Dreams Are Mine Now by Ravinder Singh

After three bestselling novels, author Ravinder Singh released his fourth book, Your Dreams Are Mine Now, published by Penguin Books India in November 2014. Visit the Publisher's page for more details about the book.

Book launch at Chennai will happen on the 9th of January, 2014 at Starmark, Phoenix Market City at 6.30 p.m. Contact 9962777090 for more book launch details. 

Ravinder's Singh's debut novel, I Too Had a Love Story was the depiction of his real-life love story. The death of his girl friend touched him deep which has shaped into a book that touched many hearts as well. His other books are Can Love Happen Twice? and Like It Happened Yesterday. Love Stories That Touched My Heart is an anthology, edited by Ravinder Singh.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Nandhini's Book Review: End of Year 2014 Survey

2014 was my first year in book blogging. Nandhini's Book Review Blog is a spark off from my personal blog Pages from Serendipity. It was Leadstart Publishing who first contacted me for a book review, in fact the people who introduced me to the concept of book blogging. I thank them at this point for what they have done. For most part of the year, my reviews appeared in Pages from Serendipity. In September 2014, I created Nandhini's Book Review Blog dedicated solely for books and only books! 

What I adore the most of this book blogging: 

One of the rich delights of my life - free books! Every time I receive one, I feel I am getting richer.

 Getting connected with authors! To learn their humble stories of reaching this far is so heart-warming.