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The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi: Book Review

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If you haven’t read 'The Immortals of Meluha' yet, then you are too early for this page. Immortals of Meluha was more than a fiction, more than a mythology and definitely more than a time-pass read. It’s last page left us all eager to know the consequences of Naga’s attempt to kidnap Sati.

Though there was a few months’ lapse in my starting with the second book, I had no memory problem in remembering the roles of the characters, what a vikarma meant and where exactly were the main characters on the then map of India. I didn’t have to search the pages of the first one even once. No, not because of my memory! If you’ve been affected by the thrill of the first book, you’ll know because of what.

The secret of the Nagas involves travels and voyages through land, sea and forest that Shiva and His crew takes in search of the cruel Nagas. Like how there came about an unexpected turning point when He reached the Chandravanshi place, there is yet another twist that He finds at the Naga place. However, we would not know what exactly it is until the last of the trilogy series gets released :( All that we get amused about, or even perhaps shocked about in this book is to know who the Nagas are. With a few touching pages, Amish has explored again the concepts of good and evil in the beautiful narrations. Lord Rudra gets highlighted this time.
  • You’ll find that the Neelkanth is more popular and respected now, so much respected that none could be His enemy (including the Nagas!)
  • His confusions about what His destiny is, though not resolved, begins to get into shape.
  • His perceptions of good and evil, again though not clear, undergoes  in-depth understandings through the Vasudevs.
  • His nightmares continue to persist.
  • And there comes a new light about His past tribal life.
Initially I assumed the second part wasn’t as gripping as the first. That was just a prejudice of a reader holding a sequel! Now, The Immortals of Meluha doesn’t seem important at all, at least not as much as The oath of the Vayuputras is :roll: In case you feel the same way, wait until the crew reaches Kashi, the plot gets heated up from this point. And from the place Icchawar, I did an over night read. You cannot dare to sleep with so much of suspense in your brain.

The plot moves faster, as fast as to cross a couple of years in a chapter’s part. And so would any reader. Yet another book worth spending time with. No wonder the third is awaiting welcome!

Book: The Secret of the Nagas 
Author: Amish Tripathi

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