Monday, 22 September 2014

Seedlings: Fables from the Forest by C D Baker: Book Review

Seedlings is the story of the trees! If we were one among the trees, how would our lives been? Seedlings will take your children to an imaginative life of the trees. Trees eat, drink, sleep and share as much as we do. They interact and make friendship with their fellow trees as well. They age and learn values just like we do.

Author Baker has brought out the essence of life’s greatest virtues in the form of five beautifully written fables from the forest. Each story emphasizes one of these:
Thankfulness Forgiveness Humility Helpfulness Kindness

And each story highlights a Biblical verse!

I wonder how many children know that trees have life – that they are living beings too. Most children identify trees and plants as ‘things’ rather than ‘beings’. Seedlings will tell them the truth; that trees are full of life! The next time they see a tree, they will imagine its life. What could be its name? Or probably they might assign a new name to a tree in their house. They might wonder what the tree is thinking now and who could be her friends. They will think twice before they crush a flower or tear a leaf because now they know there is life in them too.

They will learn the values of gratitude, sharing and caring through the fables. What we sow in them during their early years is what will get reaped when they become big. Seedlings shall help us to sow right!

The book is of quite a big size, close to a long-sized note-book. Comic sans font makes the narrations interesting. The words are dark and bold making an easy read for children. And colourful! Amazingly designed pictures accompany the stories. They make the fables alive right in front of our eyes.

At the end of each story the author has added an activity page. Questions pertaining to the story just read are put up on this page. It tests what children understood from the story, how they relate with their lives and what they think about the characters. There is also spaces for kids to draw pictures of their creations.

Book: Seedlings: Fables from the Forest Author: C D Baker Publisher: Self-Published Pages: 27
Reviewed for the author
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