Friday, 29 May 2015

The Silent Scream by Siddhartha Garg: Book Review

How safe do you think your children are? What is your reaction towards child sex abuse cases that you read in the newspapers? What do you think is the probability of such an incident happening within your close circle? Do you know that boys could also be victims of child abuse?

I’ll tell you what most of you answered.

You think your children are in the safest hands all the time. You feel that what you read in the newspapers happens to one in a thousand children and mainly because of parents’ ignorance. You think that you hail from a decent family and there is no room for such incidents. And you want to ask me, ‘Did you mean B-O-Y-S?!’

The Silent Scream raises an alarm against all your innocent perceptions. There is much more happening to children around us than newspapers tell us. Most importantly, it warns us that child abuse is not confined to class, caste, religion, family background or gender.

So, be safe. First of all, learn to be safe! That’s what this book intends to do.

A must have book for all parents. I am not recommending the book just because I reviewed it. It’s a request to all parents. Don’t think even once. Just order it!

Note: A part of the profit from the sales of this book would be donated to the Arya Orphanage in New Delhi towards the education of the girl children there.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Prism of Life by Ansh Das: Book Review

The Prism of Life is a self-help book intended to address many of man’s eternal quests. The author claims to have channeled these messages directly from the Akashic Records.

Tap a little of your school Physics.
Remember what happens when white light passes through a prism?
Yes, it disperses into a spectrum of colours. When all these colours, merge together, they form white light again.
The author has introduced a brilliant metaphor with these terms:

Prism = Life
White Light = Spirituality
Constituent Colours = Constituents that make up spirituality

In short, this book throws light on the smaller constituents of spirituality that can help one to decipher his/her purpose of life.