Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Black, Grey & White by Santosh Avvannavar and Santosh I.Birdar: Book Review

Black, Grey and White is a collection of five short stories that throw light on sexual crimes prevailing in our society.

The central motive of the book is to spread awareness about myths and realities of AIDS and essential moral values.

The stories are practical and heart-touching, taking us to a reality ride of the HIV affected victims, their lives and their stand in our society. 

Readers, please support the cause by sharing the message!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Blame it on Destiny by Soorina Desai

 One of the interesting fictions I've read in years!

From the book blurb, one can guess that the book is about five strangers who never happen to meet one other all their lives but unintentionally influence each other's lives in a mysterious way. 

However, only when the reader turns over the last page can he/she get the central theme of the book. How our prejudices about people and situations can prove far too different from the reality or truth in it! Based on a few facts or incidents, we tend to judge the personality of those known and unknown and we, as well, assume how their lives would get directed, in our own imaginative way. If ever, we get to see the truth that gets veiled off behind our assumptions, we would be utterly surprised. 

That's what happens to Sharmila in Blame it on Destiny!